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It is perfectly designed for the classroom engagement and teaching efficiency improvement. The teacher can ask single/multiple choice and Ture/False questions anytime to keep the students well engaged and evaluate the teaching effect very easily. This system allows to arrange class test with maximum 120 questions and the teacher is able to set up the correct answers and point of each question so that the test result of every single student can be run out instantly once the test is finished. Meanwhile, this system can also be used to have class vote and student performance assessment.

Our Soonlink software is specifically designed to be used with Soonlink smart classroom system hardware. This software is a stand-alone version and can be with the use of PPT or other presentation tools.

When not in use, the system appears on the computer screen as a small icon and only a slight mouse click can bring it back for your operation. So it is a powerful and flexible system that you can choose based on the needs of your business.

The software can enhance your PowerPoint slide-show beyond simple teaching and bring your class alive. Suitable for student engagement tasks including gathering feedback, running quizzes, seeing test results and much more. This is the chance to get your students involved in your classroom, talk or training sessions, allowing them to have their thoughts and provide useful information to you.

The software also allows you to run advanced vote types such as weighted sequence votes, ratings votes and performance assessment.

You are able to upgrade the software when a new version is released. This software is free permanently. Please go to Download product overview for more details.

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