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2.4GHz Electronic Student ID Card is a smart terminal product used for attendance, positioning and consumption of smart Campus. It uses 2.4GHz long-distance communication feature of 2.4GHz electronic student ID card to realize non-perceived attendance; realizes family telephone function by means of indoor and outdoor telephones. Meet the urgent communication needs of students in the school, with the 13.56MHz module to realize the campus card function.
Product characteristics
1. Dust-proof and waterproof grade IP66;
2.3 button battery, 450mAh, available for more than 3 years;
3. Supports 13.56MHz and 2.4GHz dual bands. The 2.4 GHz band is mainly used for long-distance identification, and the 13.56 MHz band is used for close-range payment functions or other identification functions;
4. The two-in-one identification card has 13.56MHz and 2.4GHz dual modules. The three-in-one card adds a detachable built-in 4FF card slot on the basis of the two-in-one card. The gold finger on the card is led out through the adapter board to reduce SIM/UIM. Card loss and wear;
The 5.13.56M module is used to implement the M1 application. The space is 1 KB and the built-in 16 sectors are compatible with the M1 consumer terminal.
Functional characteristics
1. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for students to carry out management;
2. Hold the 2.4GHz identification card to insert a card or swipe the card on the family phone placed in the designated location on the campus;
3. Hold 2.4GHz identification cards for all consumer places on the campus (such as canteens, school supermarkets, etc.) for credit card consumption.

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