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keypad Specifications


Dimentions 95mmx 55mmx 58mm Material ABS+PC Powerfunction Press for 3 seconds to turn on. Responsefunction 0-9, A-F, Y/N imput, and automatic switching Display ID, Signal, Battery, Operation instructions RFID Module 2.4GHz Battery 3xC2025 , total volume 450mAh service up to 12months or more than 60,000 times of answering, CommunicationDistance 30 meters

  • MALITIA Price: Negotiable
  • Min.Order Price: 500 pcs
  • Facultates copiam: 10000 pcs/day
  • Portus: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T
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    Dimentions 95mmx 55mmx 58mm
    material PC + ABS
    Powerfunction Press nam III seconds ad convertam super.
    Responsefunction 0-9, E, V / N imput, et automatic mutatis mutandi
    display ID signum, Pugna, operatio praecepta
    altilium 3xC2025, summa volubilis 450mAh servitium vel ad 12months 60.000 tempore answering,
    CommunicationDistance XXX metris

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