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Classroom Interaction
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 1. Question and answer

By using the Soonlink Smart Classroom System (SCS), the teacher can question the whole students at the same time with the type of single/multiple choice or True/False to evaluate the teaching effect.


 2. Class quiz

 Soonlink SCS supports up to 120 questions per test with the type of single/multiple choice and True/False question. The teacher can preset the correct answer and point of each question and the test result for every student can be available instantly once the quiz is ended.


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 3. Class vote

 Soonlink SCS can be used to vote in class such as monitor election with a better efficiency and fairness.


 4. Performance rating

 Soonlink SCS is perfect to be used for performance rating. From very dissatisfied to very satisfied option the students can pick by clicking the keypads to rate the performance of any candidates and the rating results is available very instantly.


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