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Soonlink Technology is a high-tech company specializing in 2.4GHz wireless data transmission and listed on the Chinese stock market in 2016.

We have achieved hundreds of patented technologies and various awards in the past 10 years. So far we have more than 80 engineers based in Shenzhen and Wuhan of China, and the main product solutions include Smart Campus, RF-SIM Phone Card, Audience Response, New Retail, and etc. The number of clients we served exceeds 1,000 and the provided products are highly praised by users.

The Audience Response System (ARS) is one of our projects that we developed based on the accumulation of technology over the years. In case of struggling with how to use the system, our engineers were strictly required to stand on the user's perspective to work out the product initially to make sure the user experience improvement. Easy to use is the key point of this product. Of course we are always pursuing the quality of the product, including stability, quick response, high accuracy, etc. Fortunately we have done well when the system shows out the classic scenario application, the best suitable functional modules, the exquisite and compact interface and the wonderful experience of using anytime anywhere. We are quite sure that you are getting a simple but great voting tool when you decide to choose SoonLink.


High-tech company to the spirit of independent innovation, Soonlink Technology actively implements the “Industry-University-Research Joint Policy” and has established close relationships with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University (Shenzhen) Graduate School, Peking University (Shenzhen) Graduate School, Shenzhen University, and Fudan University. In-depth cooperation. Soonlink Technology will also rely on the strong scientific research strength and advanced facilities of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish a postdoctoral workstation. These have created a good platform for China Science and Technology Union to introduce, cultivate and use high-end talents. Up to now, China Science and Technology Institute has applied for dozens of national patents, and together with other research and development departments of China Science and Technology Association, has developed the mobile payment solution of YooCan card, which has completely independent intellectual property rights and has been commercialized on a large scale.



We are strengthening our internal management and enhancing all staff's capacity, and insisting on our guarantee, that is responsible for the quality and giving full service to our customers. We carry out the policy of pollution prevention and environment protection and pursue the management of People Oriented. By insisting on the developing strategy of relying on technology, we are continually developing new products, and trying our best to contribute to the development of the 2.4GHz wireless data transmission industry.


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