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The benefits of using SoonLink ARS.

1.Get feedback and results easily and instantly

2.Engage with your audience, students

3.Liven up your presentation

4.Encourage interactivity

5.Increase the attentiveness of audiences

What are the advantages of SoonLink ARS?

1.2.4GHz frequency wireless, no WIFI needed;
2.Long distance communication, up to 100 meters.
3.NFC for paring.
4.Classic scenario designed and concise operation interface, extremely easy to use.
5.Instant, accurate results and also be recorded as excel for later use.
6.No limitation of user capacity.
7.Wonderful experience of using anytime anywhere.
8.Low price indeed.

What is a real-time wireless audience response system(ARS)?

A real-time audience response system is a system for collecting data from a plurality of respondents having a central portion with a central processor and a base station and a remote portion with a plurality of wireless response units for respondents to be prompted to enter response data to a visually perceptible display which may be shown live, on a television monitor or may be taped. The display may include multiple choice questions. The central processor accumulates the response data via radio, optical or acoustic communication links with the remote units, each of which has a unique address. The central processor displays the accumulated response data in real time and may overlay the processed response data and originate display shown to the respondents.

What can the SoonLink ARS be used for?

The SoonLink ARS is perfect for a range of uses including teaching interaction, meeting votes and conferences survey. They can also be used to allow attendees to give feedback during staff training, workshops and risk assessments. Any time that you need to vote on an issue or gather information from a large number of people, SoonLink ARS is the perfect way to do it.

What do the SoonLink ARS consist of?

The SoonLink ARS contains hardware and software. The hardware consists of a certain number of wireless keypads (up to 2000) and a wireless receiver and a USB cable. The software can be installed in your computer no matter the running system is Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.

How do the keypads work?

SoonLink wireless voting keypad is around the size of a credit card. The keypads are given to each person in a class, a conference or a meeting. The pads communicate with a bread-size wireless receiver which connects with a computer via a USB cable, capturing the responses to any questions with complete accuracy. This can be an extremely valuable way to gather feedback as it allows for entirely anonymous responses that are not led by the crowd. The results are also collated and displayed almost instantly. This is much faster than any manual method of voting or feedback gathering.
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